Amanda Bynes wasn’t allowed on a flight because she didn’t have proper id because the id she tried to use was “im Amanda Bynes google me”

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kim kardashian finishes feasting on a common new york pigeon 

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justin bieber threatened a photographer, had his monkey seized, illegally drew a tattoo saying “swaggy” alongside a mouse, and wrote “hopefully she would have been a belieber” in a guestbook dedicated to anne frank

this is the most interesting downward spiral i’ve ever seen

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f is for friends who do stuff without you

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Hitler had only one child, a daughter named Anna Kohlter Hitler. Born December 8th, 1941 just as America entered the war, she was flown to Austria before the Russians entered Berlin as Hitler and Anna’s mother, Eva Braun, feared what the invading force would do to her.

Growing up in Austria, she dropped her father’s infamous name and grew up to study in the burgeoning field of media. Eventually in 1961 she headed to America and Anglicized her name to “Coulter”. Today she works as a political correspondent for Fox News. She has also published several books, including Liberal Lies, Liberal Treachery, Godless Liberals, and Twilight: Breaking Dawn.

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